Power of a new age

The legend of truck engines is reborn as Euro 6. Cleaner than ever, without sacrificing anything of the signature V8 power and fuel efficiency, it leads the way towards more sustainable road transport. Being the only Euro 6 V8 on the market, and the top-of-the-line performer of the all-new Scania Streamline truck range, it marks the beginning of a new age.

Exceptional performance and superior fuel economy

The Euro 6 V8 engines are based on the global, modular 16.4-litre platform. With plenty of lugging power from low down in the rev range and inexhaustible power on tap, the only Euro 6 V8s on the market come with all the typical Scania V8 characteristics. On the road, the performance of the new 580 hp Euro 6 V8 is similar to the 620 hp Euro 5, due to its wider torque peak and unique power curve. Furthermore, the first-class fuel consumption is equivalent to its Euro 5 sibling.

SCR and EGR in perfect balance

To be able to meet the Euro 6 requirements, our engineers used their vast experience of SCR (selective catalytic reduction) and EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) in order to gain the perfect balance between combustion and aftertreatment processes. The result is a technical solution that combines SCR with our newly developed water-cooled EGR system.

Scania XPI and VGT

The Scania Euro 6 V8 engines feature Scania VGT (variable-geometry turbocharger) as well as the widely acclaimed Scania XPI (extra-high pressure injection) fuel injection system. This system enables injections independently of camshaft position, as well as multiple injections. The result is better fuel efficiency and emission control.

A genuine Scania thoroughbred

At Scania, we have a strong tradition of developing our own engines and transmissions, side by side, including all electronic systems. This gives us a big advantage in terms of quality assurance and performance control. In a Scania the powertrain is always cut to fit. Components are matched perfectly to secure optimum output and robustness - and to reduce waste of energy. That’s why you will experience your Scania as a complete, solid low-maintenance unit, easy to adapt to your specific needs.

The Scania V8 truck range

The Scania V8 truck range offers the widest selection of output levels on the market, from 500 to 730 hp. There are also engines available in all emission levels: Euro 6, Euro 5 and EEV, Euro 4 and Euro 3. This makes it possible to enjoy the remarkable power, driveability, operating economy – and the unique V8 styling – regardless of need for engine output.
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